Food is the best blessing we received from God. They keep us healthy, help us to regain our energy. And most essential for us to, it satisfied our taste bud. Sometimes it becomes hard to cook and prepare a meal. When cooking, several uncertain flaws can happen to ruin our cooking. And on the other hand, we can say that we can’t get the same tasty flavor in our hand-cooked dish that we enjoy at the restaurant.
So for this, we got some hacks that you can use to make your daily meals healthy, tasty, and enjoyable. In addition, you can grab some groceries to prepare from Woolworth as there is also a discount when you use the Woolworths coupons.

Sauté the spinach

If you are thinking about why your cooked spinach it’s not that tasty as you eat at the restaurant downtown. Then maybe you are cooking it wrong. Spinach is filled with many nutrients. So if you cooked it for a very long time, it would damage the nutrient, and if you boil it, the harsh water will drain all of its nutrients, and the taste will be lost too. If you want to enjoy spinach, So rather than doing this just sauté the spinach and the flavor will remain the same and full of nutrients.

Don’t fry the fries

Does it make sense to not fry the fries? No? It will. If you are on a diet, you cannot enjoy the fries because they are dipped in saturated fat to be that tasteful. But there is an alternative for you. Rather than frying, you can bake the fries with a pinch of salt, pepper, and a spoon of oil and can enjoy crispy fries.

Homemade berries jam

There are hundreds of brands available in the market that sell berry jam. But they are not that much healthy because of the amount of sugar they have. Try some hand magic to this. Get your jams by yourselves. Heat the frozen berries into the saucepan and wait until the berries break down. Now you can enjoy it as a spread or with pancake or just like whatever you want. Add some sprinkle of chili pepper to make it more hot and spicy.

7 Seconds to peel garlic

Peeling garlic is a blood-draining job. But with this hack, you can peel the garlic within seconds. Just follow the step. Put the garlic in a bowl and microwave it for 7 seconds only. Let it cool down and see the skin will peel off like magic. See this simple is to peel off the garlic and we wasted our quality minutes for that stuff.


Hope you find these hacks helpful, and you will use them while preparing or having a daily meal. Now be like the professional chef. Cook your meals like a pro. Enjoy your meals and save time and energy by utilizing the hacks. There is no way it is the end you can find more hacks just look for it.